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Courses in Public Ralations
“As multinational companies continue expanding across country and cultural boundaries, they will focus more resources on making meaningful connections with local audiences. Brands will strive to make their promises, product offerings and PR strategies look and feel closer to home through content that has a distinct local tone, style, dialect and flair. And it’s more than just language – truly inclusive and global companies will increase their trans-creation efforts rather than simply translating, reflecting an understanding that “local” goes beyond geography to encompass customs, beliefs and affinities.

2013 will also see more major brand campaigns led by PR and supported with marketing dollars. This should come as no surprise; marketers continue to look for more effective ways to solve business problems across the enterprise, and they’re gravitating to the greater engagement and higher ROI public relations can provide. While PR pros are often excellent collaborators, the challenge will come in getting our creative counterparts in other disciplines to “play well with others” when they’re not in the driver’s seat.” Elise S. Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA, is the CEO of Mitchell Communications Group and CEO of Dentsu Public Relations Network.

Business is booming for the Indian PR industry, which was pegged to double its size to over US$ 10.56 billion by end of 2012. Corporate houses are relying more on PR professionals to improve their brand image to take maximum benefits of the current economic boom for increased sales & turnover volumes - ASSOCHAM report on “PR & ITS FUTURE PROSPECTS” in which over 500 PR professionals were interviewed, which confirms that a large number of corporate houses are opting to rope in PR professionals who say that demand for them and the salary offering is rising and the industry’ growth rate is expected to go up to 32% and the trend will continue in the future too. The Indian PR industry comprises 1000-2000 agencies with an over 30,000 workforce.

The Journalism & Media side of the business has also seen an expansion - digital technology is transforming passive consumers into active creators of media content, witnessed by the growth of social networks and User Generated Content.

At EMDI the PR course offering is fascinating for potential aspirants. Corporate Communication, Writing Skills, Brand Communication and Image Management coupled with the knowledge of Reporting, Editing & Online Media - make for a well-rounded professional.

The CAREER OPTIONS include working with PR agencies, News Groups, Media, Large Corporate Groups, TV & Radio Stations, and the potential for freelancing is huge.

At Lower Parel
Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relation and Corporate Communication (PGDPRCC) – 1 year full time
At Jai Hind
Diploma in Public Relation and Corporate Communication (DPRCC) – 1 year part time
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